Why Is The Car Bumper Plastic?

- May 15, 2017-

Bumper is to protect people, not cars!

If a car bumper, using a metal material, hit a pedestrian, even if the speed is very slow, then the pedestrian is also enough to choke. And if you are using a plastic bumper, then the degree of injury is certainly not so serious. Discrimination, the safety of the car depends on the structural strength of the body frame. The main function of the bumper is in the event of a collision when the impact of the external shock, energy absorption. This does not determine the safety of the vehicle. To sum up, the bumper is in the event of low-speed collision, the protection of pedestrians.

Plastic bumper did not cut corners

At first, the bumper is really metal. However, due to pedestrians are likely to cause significant harm, it was replaced by plastic material. In addition, you can make the quality of the car lighter, more fuel-efficient. Of course the cost is also well controlled. Metal bumper collision, not easy to absorb energy, it will be directly around the headlights and other components, which under the Oh. Plastic bumper maintenance costs are low, some minor collision, but also to restore their original. In addition, the plastic bumper is not easy to rust and aging, affecting the appearance.

Plastic bumper is good for moving parking spaces

Many cars in Europe, the parking spaces are very tense. As a result, many vehicles are head and ass assault together. How did he drive out? At this time the plastic bumper came in handy. You can withstand the front car or after the car, at a lower speed out of a space. The plastic bumper can avoid the risk of scuffing and falling.