Six Things About Bumper Safety Really Do Not Rely On This

- May 15, 2017-

For the bumper, the US IIHS did not see this as a safe configuration, but as a low-speed crash loss of accessories, so the bumper test, but also based on this idea, how to reduce losses, reduce maintenance costs The

About the IIHS bumper test

IIHS bumper crash test a total of four, respectively, before and after the collision test (speed of 10km / h) and the front and rear impact test (speed of 5km / h).

1 bumper responsible for who's safe?

Many people think that the bumper is to ensure the safety of vehicles, it seems only hard enough good enough, safe enough.

In fact, the primary role of the bumper is to protect pedestrians, protect pedestrians, protect pedestrians, important things to say three times. Pedestrians as vulnerable groups, in the accident is the most vulnerable groups, should be a variety of care. The plastic bumper to ease the pedestrian legs, especially the impact of the calf, with the front bar of the rational design, reduce pedestrian hit when the degree of injury.

Second, the bumper is used to reduce the loss of vehicle parts when the crash, such as headlamps, hoods and radiators of these maintenance costs more expensive parts, if the bumper design is very bad, the collision of these parts damaged May be very serious, even low-speed collision; may also look serious, but have to overhaul a pass, pay a lot of money maintenance costs. Truly to ensure that the vehicle is passive and safe, is a plastic bumper behind a variety of high-strength steel frame, and this plastic cover nothing relationship.

2 bumper why use plastic?

Many people think that the steel bumper into a plastic bumper is the factory cut corners, in fact, otherwise.

Plastic bumper in addition to protecting pedestrians, there is a seemingly not very eye, but also very critical role. Reduce costs, which is every manufacturer are thinking about the problem, and the emergence of plastic bumpers are on the manufacturers of appetite, both can play a role in reducing the weight, but also can save costs.

More important is to reduce maintenance costs, in a lot of slight collision, the plastic bumper can even bounce back to their original state, even cut the rub over the plastic bumper, it is only aesthetically pleasing, there will be no corrosion problem.

3 on both sides of the collision seems to suffer miserable

According to the IIHS test found that in real life, the bumper on both sides of the probability of collision damage is a positive damage 2 times. In fact, this is very simple, the bumper behind the metal beams in the low-speed collision in a certain supporting role, which is covered with metal beams do not fall, the loss will be more serious.

4 The lower the bumper the higher the cost of maintenance

According to the IIHS test, the level of the bumper directly affect the late maintenance costs. According to the IIHS report, the higher the bumper design, the lower the cost of maintenance. Many cars because the bumper design is very low, when the collision with the SUV, pickup can not play the role of buffer, the other parts of the vehicle damage is relatively large.

In addition, if the shape of the bumper and the energy absorption buffer block and crush device can not fully match, it is not conducive to the protection of other parts of the vehicle.