Poor Quality Clothing Material Is Easy To Scratch The Paint Damage To The Beautiful

- May 15, 2017-

With the car garments market is now growing, many businesses in order to seek profits, car jersey material cut corners, producing a lot of substandard products, this will give us a lot of confusion, because the shoddy car Clothing will not only play a protective role, but also destroy our paint. And what specific Hong Kong Hong Buick today for everyone to introduce.

Poor quality garments are not waterproof: because the production of low-quality garments with single-line suture, and some may also use large needle sewing, which greatly reduces the waterproof clothing, regardless of what they use advanced fabrics to process, Are not superior waterproof function.

Poor car clothing is not flammable: these car garments with fabric flame retardant did not meet the national standards, and some even under the banner of the name of the garage manufacturers, in the fabric simply did not add flame retardant! When the fireworks and other sparks and other sparks splashed on the garments, the car is not flame retardant, but may play the role of combustion, greatly endangering the safety of the surrounding! The The

Poor quality garments are not anti-snow cream: low-quality garments is the kind of low-cost fabric, because the business in order to reduce costs can not give you the use of high-level fabric, and car garments on the amount of lintel did not meet the national standards , Generally said that cotton garments, their cotton cashmere is only 40 grams, the national standard for 75 grams of high-grade lint!

Qualified car clothing effect:

1. A large brand of car for a car a volume cut processing production.

2. High-quality garments according to national standards using ten processes processing, sewing using two-wire suture can be used in both sides.

3. Car garments on the product quality assurance.

4. And the big brand of car garments have manufacturers manufacturers.