How To Use Car Garments Correctly

- May 15, 2017-

The use of car garments do not have so much stress, as long as the usual custody of their own garments, good care to use, according to different clothing materials can be used for 2-5 years or so. The following Di Yu clothing for you to introduce car garments wear off the method, the specific operation is as follows:

1, wear clothing method:

1, the car on the roof to start, the first car on the two rearview mirror cover.

2, the front of the car to the bottom of the bumper, the elastic band automatically tighten, the front of the garments flattened.

3, the back of the garments to the rear of the rear of the body, elastic tightening, the front of the garments flattened, 30 seconds to wear clothing.

Note: When the wind from the wind, please bring four windbreak in the four contour position, to prevent the wind from the wind blowing! The The

Car garage put away the correct steps:

If you have a windbreak when the first windbreak zone to unlock.

1, the first set before and after the car set off.

2, then the two rearview mirror sets off.

3, in the roof will be folded from front to back (or reverse folding).

4, folding about 30 cm, and then by the long fold can be, garments put away from the time will not be more than 30 seconds! If you have any questions about the car garments can Hebei uplift garments