Do Not Understand When The Car Tires Change?

- May 15, 2017-

Tire Replacement Time Replacement and Exercise Replacement:

1, the time to replace: 4S shop to tell you is within three years regardless of the tires you do not run to run this is a shit. After N tires practice found that tires within 5 years are possible. 5 years - 7 years during this period some of the car did not how to drive, tire water shortage serious cracks (that is, a small tire tire cracks) crack depth of 2MM this time that the tires for the change.

2, the exercise of the replacement: the tire sidewall and the tread edge of a circle there are many small triangle pattern along any one of the triangular pattern traverse to the tread pattern, the pattern will be found in the tires below the tires of the normal pattern of small Grid, here that the tires for the change. In fact, do not change the line, but also the performance of fuel consumption control brake capacity are reduced too much, especially rain and snow. Tires can be used for second-hand tires but do not try to refurbish the goods hanging tires, dangerous.

In the case of international regulations, if the tire is used properly, the tire must be replaced when the tread depth is 1.6 mm. Almost all tires are marked at a depth of 1.6 mm. Such as the normal use of ordinary tires mileage of 5-10 million km or so. But need to remind you that the tire is valid for 5 years after the factory, because the rubber has an aging period, therefore, regardless of whether the mileage reached 100,000 km, to the factory after 5 years, the best replacement.