Common Car Wash There Are Several Kinds Of Glass Steel Grating Plate?

- May 15, 2017-

Before, we compared the difference between the glass and steel grating plate and the solid plate, compared to the car room glass steel grating plate has the advantage. Moreover, the common types of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille plate is also very much, there are three: metal grid plate, plastic grid plate and glass steel grating plate. Now, we listen to Wade glass fiber reinforced plastic grating manufacturers how to introduce these three different car room glass steel grating plate?


Washing room glass steel grille First, the metal grid plate in the more common can be divided into steel grid plate and aluminum grid plate and so on. Metal grating in the industrial application of a wide range, and the amount is very large. But its cost is higher, and the life of the metal grid plate is only about 2 years, the economic benefits are not high.


Second, the application of plastic grid plate is not great, because the plastic soft, toughness is not high, and poor carrying capacity. Some small household items and objects will use plastic grating plate. Its low cost, high design, but relatively poor ability to use some of the.


Third, the FRP grid plate can be described as a representative of the new plate, with a high overall performance, but also with some of the traditional properties of the plate do not have: especially acid and alkali, corrosion resistance is more prominent. Its production cost is not high, much lower than the expensive metal grating plate, and glass grating plate design is very high, wide range of applications.


From the actual situation, we found that, as long as it is more corrosive environment, we can see the application of FRP grid plate, in addition, it also applies to civil construction facilities.