Car Selection Of Garments

- May 15, 2017-

Winter, cold, people are wearing a thick warm clothes, down jacket, to warm themselves to protect themselves. And on the outside of the car has been the wind and rain, covered with a thick layer of frost, snow days not only covered with thick snow clothes, and even start a half-day reaction did not respond. This time do not know whether the owners have to consider their own car also add a dress? Do you know which car clothing is really your car? Today to come for everyone to explain. Garments for outdoor parking vehicles in winter is necessary, high-quality garments have anti-acid anti-burning function, there are garments protection, rain and snow weather can effectively avoid the city under the conditions of rain pollution water snow on the surface of the car " Torture ". In addition, the winter air drying, especially during the Spring Festival will be placed in places where fireworks, easy to fire, garments for outdoor parking is undoubtedly a good protection. In addition, the car can also effectively protect the harmful dust into the car and the machine part, to resist their car interior and machine wear and tear. Not only winter, summer garments are not wasted, hot summer, garments can effectively resist the strong UV paint on the interior and tire damage, but also to prevent the car temperature is too high. Good car can give the car anti-acid rain, anti-dust, anti-freeze snow, anti-scratch and other protection, but if it is unqualified garments, but more easily hurt the car. The current automotive supplies market, a lot of car clothing brand mixed, low-grade materials, making rough or even hurt the phenomenon of vehicles. Now in some automotive supplies market, many well-known "PVC" material of the garments, in fact, is a layer of plastic, and some even mirror sets are not. This kind of clothes wear in the car body, loose, wind when the garments in the car body, very easy to cause car paint scratches. In addition, this low-quality garments are not sunscreen, fire and other functions, of course, greatly reduced the protection of the car. What kind of material is the car? It is the best choice for the outside is PVC, PEVA material, the middle is flame retardant cotton material, the interior is smooth nylon fabric material garments. The northern cold weather of the owners should choose cotton luster thick material of the garments. Good clothes should be tailored, the size of the original car with the perfect match. In addition, the use of garments should pay attention to each time put on "clothes" after tightening the rope. When the garments to close up to flatten the fold, do not arbitrarily kneaded into a ball. So as not to leave a lot of small clothes on the fold, easy to wear car paint, fog, but also pay attention to prevent the body wet, and garments frozen together. Currently on the market price of garments according to the brand, different materials. In general, the original car clothing in size and the most suitable car, senior, high-class cars because of the larger size, "clothes" prices are slightly higher, an original product up to five or six hundred dollars. In addition, there are many varieties of car supplies on the market, the price of more than two or three hundred dollars, the purchase should pay attention to whether the size of the model data consistent with whether the fire and anti-acid function, otherwise it is substandard products.