Car Bumper With Plastic To Do, Is It Really Cut Corners?

- May 15, 2017-

We often see the car black for some brands of cars hit the bike rear bumper serious depression like the picture, talk about a certain manufacturer on the bumper cut corners, wait for it to put on steel to be safe. Bumper with plastic is to cut corners or insecure argument does mislead a bunch of people, but also led to the late addition of many owners of metal material external anti-collision beam. But in addition to large trucks, why rarely see the use of metal car bumper bar?

In fact, the early car is indeed the use of metal material before and after the bumper, and is generally made of steel stamping and frame welded together. Why is it from the metal into plastic material, is the manufacturer in order to reduce costs and cut corners of the method?

1: Based on pedestrian safety considerations

In fact, the overall steel car is to rely on the overall frame to bear, the use of plastic bumper in fact did not reduce the safety index. And now more and more cars on the road, especially the first-tier cities, basically all traffic jams, pedestrians in the road and more, it is prone to rub rub. If it is a metal bumper even low-speed hit people will have serious consequences, and plastic bumper at low speed under the collision will have a better energy absorption effect, the probability of human injury greatly reduced.

2: based on practical use considerations

This is actually due to the current road is very complex, often on the road drivers are basically some rubbing, in fact, many small touch a lot of car owners are too lazy to go to the tube, and some positive small knock small rub plastic bumper can easily Of the solution, even if the paint down, maintenance is relatively cheap, even if the whole bumper replacement will not be very expensive. This is a business and the owner is a "win-win" thing, that is, production costs and maintenance costs.

3: easy to car design and production

Automobile production has been mold, in addition to the body will use high-strength materials, many parts will be used as much as possible lightweight, corrosion-resistant, easy processing, easy molding, easy maintenance of replacement materials. Car front and rear bumper is the case, some body parts, such as fenders, etc., may also be used like plastic lightweight materials. Of course, some top sports car, but also in the car body with a lot of carbon fiber material to replace the metal material, the purpose is simple: the body lighter, faster and more secure, but also more fuel efficient.

Now, probably understand why the car bumper is why the plastic bar, but do not think this will make the car unsafe. From the original metal before and after the warranty to today's plastic bumper is also through the automotive engineers repeated testing and design will appear in the user's car.